This body of work is an extension of my previous explorations, in which I created a series of interactive installations and sculptures featuring lifelike 3D animated forms. That work investigated empathy, and the way we come to identify with the objects of our gaze, be they living or technological.  In this work, which I am calling “unspecific objects” (in both parody of, and homage to, Donald Judd’s famous essay, "Specific Objects"), my goal is to use projected 3D animation combined with material forms to create objects that have a strong physical, almost lifelike presence.  Despite their simple formal constraints, they elicit an awareness of our process of perception, and the difference between perceiving and knowing. They also expose the anthropomorphism latent in our perception of even the most minimal of objects. They are also in implied critique of the many "rules" of high Modernism, as espoused by such critics as Clement Greenberg.

Noland 2.0, interactive video installation, 2011

Homage to the Future Passed, custom Commodore 64 program, 2011

Kelly 2.0, interactive video installation, 2011

The Phenomenology of Painting, video projection sculpture, 2010

Unspecific Object, video projection sculpture, 2009