The phrase “art is not an object” has been attributed to a number of artists and thinkers, always followed by another phrase—one that attempts to define art (i.e., as an experience, a way of looking, etc.). My interest is in using this statement to problematize rather than present answers. These pieces art are also inspired by Robert Indiana’s ubiquitous “LOVE”—one of the most widely seen, reproduced and appropriated art works since Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” The fact that Indiana's piece has been seen in so many different contexts makes it a perfect vehicle to explore the distancing between the idea and instantiation.

Art Is Not An Object (Sculpture), augmented reality sculpture, 2013

Art Is Not an Object (Mug), fired ceramic, 2013

Art Is Not an Object (Video), video, 2013

Art Is Not an Object (Photo), archival pigment print, 2013

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