My performance work originated with my discovery of a hackable toy brainwave sensor. This led to two pieces: A Really Great Idea and Transcendence. As a student in the New Genres Department at the San Francisco Art Institute I had studied with numerous performance artists (Karen Finley is a notable graduate of the program) and performance was something I was comfortable with but had never done. This seemed like an opportunity to extend my interactive work to involve myself.
My two music-based works were a way to combine my art practice with my interest in music—I was a musician many years before becoming a practicing artist. Couldn’t You Call Another Day? was a year-long work (from one birthday to another) based on the folk classic “Oh Death,” and inspired in part by Tehching Hsieh’s year-long performance pieces—but with a humorous twist. What is viewable is compilation of all the videos recorded daily. Fall is a short performance for video recorded with the help of my students in the Art Barn at Hampshire College and is based on the jazz classic, "Autumn Leaves."
Fall, performance for video, 2018

Couldn't You Call Some Other Day?, year-long performance, 2017-2018

Transcendence, performance, 2014

A Really Great Idea, performance for video, 2014