I have been fascinated by the idea that our conception of "nature" is socially constructed.  There is no "nature" without "culture" with which to compare it.  And, most of our ideas about nature (that it is completely other, and untouched by human existence, that it its powerful and wild, and in a kind of unchanging harmony) really began in the 19th century, i.e., quite recently.  Nature used to represent difficult uncontrollable phenomenon for most people, many of whom were actively struggling to master it. What I hope to do with the body of work in “(un)natural” is explore that idea, and the way that technology (interactive computer technology, digital imaging, etc.) can mediate our experience of the "natural" world and reflect our construction of it. 

Cornered, interactive video installation, 2008

Hightails, interactive video installation, 2009

Landscape ex Machina (#531 Large), modified automated waterfall picture, 2008